This place is definitely one of my favorite spot in San Francisco.  Especially on a sunny and warm day like this. It’s just so beautiful, i could stay here for hours staring at this amazing view, daydreaming and smile 🙂

Lyon Street Steps

If you take these stairs down and stay on Lyon streets, you will get to Palace of Fine Arts and Presidio Park in about 15 minutes walk. And continue to the Golden Gate Bridge if you want 😉

A lot of locals also jog here ( i should too lol ) or you can hike to the Presidio Forest, west of The Lyon Street Steps. 

Unlike the other spots in San Francisco that are very crowded by tourist, this place is still considered a hidden gem! Not many people know about this spot. So when you’re there, you really feel very peaceful , and you can take your time to take as many pictures and selfies as you like! 😀

Amazing View

The houses around this area are so incredibly nice, so fab…! it is because people that live here are very wealthy. They call row of houses on this Lyon street, The Billionaires Row! Do you see the one picture above, that’s one of them, what a beautiful rooftop with an amazing view! 

And that’s me daydreaming about living in one of The Billionaires Row! LOL

Outfit Details :

It was a nice 69° F in San Francisco, a dream weather! Well i wish for a little warmer than that actually. But that’s okay i was still able to walk around comfortably with no jacket 🙂 

Here’s my outfit details :

~ Black crop top : ZARA

~ Jeans : American Eagle

~ Shoes : Adidas Nizza

~ Backpack : Nordstorm Rack

~ And don’t forget, A SMILE!