Like most girls, my dream was to go to Paris 🙂 To have a picture in front of that beautiful Eiffel tower to show the world, to eat croissants and to drink coffee in one of those street cafes, to walk around the street of Paris while holding hand with my love, and to just say merci, je t’aime, or sil vous plait over and over again lol.

Thanks to my lovely boyfriend, last month that dream became reality! Oh how amazing that feeling was!! And not just Paris, we were able to visit Amsterdam and Rome too!! Although we had only 9 days in Europe, I definitely think that we made the most of our times while we were there.

I made some list of places that we want to visit, mostly from pinterest (man, i love pinterest! so useful!) i checked yelp for popular places to eat, and i even learned the map of the cities just so i know a little bit about the area. I didn’t want to spent alot of time getting confused and waste our time deciding where to go once we get there. Oh one more thing, always check the weather before you go travel, so you know what kind of clothes to bring. You dont want to bring unnecessary stuff especially when you travel with more than one destination in a short period of time. I always try to have an idea of what outfit to wear on each day, so i know what to unpack. The less you unpack the less to pack for the next destination 😉


So we had 3 days in Paris. We stayed at a hotel near The Eiffel Tower, it was around 15 minutes walk. I wanted to see the Eiffel tower as many times as i can during our 3 days stay lol, and do you know how many time we’ve visited the Tower for those 3 days? 6 times!! 😀 

To get around the cities and tourist spots, we bought 2 days pass of OPEN TOUR BUS + BOAT. And yes it was so worth the money and the time! You can hop on and hop off anytime you want, just make sure you have their maps, or you can easily find it online. Their route covers all the spots you need to see in the city. And we think it was a great experience exploring the city, especially for us as a first timer with a limited time. 

MUST DO, first time in Paris

  • Visit The Eiffel Tower (of course! lol)  The Eiffel Tower is so much more beautiful in person i promise you. And especially when it lights up at night, it’s like a dream <3 You can buy ticket and get inside the Eiffel Tower and go to the top or you can also eat at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. And try to see the eiffel Tower from as may angel as you can 🙂
  • Visit Musee du Louvre, the biggest museum in the world! It is so big if you really want to see and explore everything here, it will take days!!! Since we had limited times, we were only there for about 3 hours, we looked at the maps and decided which part of the museum we really wanted to visit. It is not free to get inside but the ticket i think is very reasonable, it was 15 Euro per person. But every first Sunday of the month October – March, it is free 🙂
  • Visit Luxembourg Gardens, and just chill there, read book, drink your coffee or tea, this is a perfect place to rest when you get tired exploring the city. It’s the most beautiful garden we’ve ever been to <3
  • Visit Notre-Dame de Paris, it’s a Medieval Chatolic Cathedral. With such an amazing and beautiful French Gothic Architecture. Oh and it’s free entrance 🙂
  • Visit Arc de Triomphe, another most famous monument in Paris. You can buy ticket to get inside and climb to the top, i heard the view is amazing, but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time. I was happy enough just to look at it 🙂
  • Take the Seine River Boat Cruise, and i recommend to do it when it’s night time because Paris is even more beautiful to see at night where all the lights on and the Eiffel Tower shines like diamonds. 
  • Stroll along (or shops) Champs Elysees, it is a very famous avenue (street) in Paris with many luxury shops, theaters, and cafes. 
  • When you go eat somewhere, try to seat outside, enjoy the streets of Paris. Try to say Merci (thank you) and sil vous plait (please) when you order something, they’ll appreciate that 🙂


From Paris, we took a train to get to Amsterdam. It was a beautiful and a very comfortable train ride that only took around 3.5 hours from Paris Gare du Nord to Amsterdam Centraal.

I fell in love with Amsterdam…

One of the reason i wanted to visit Amsterdam is because one of my favorite movie was filmed in Amsterdam, The Fault in Our Stars. It’s a beautiful (and very sad) love story. One of saddest scene(for me) was filmed in one of the bench along the canals here. So we were trying to find it, and we found it 🙂  One of the happiest moment of my life!

So anyway, Amsterdam is beautiful!! So beautiful!! I would live there if i could. Plus they have many Indonesian Restaurants that would make me feel like home.

MUST DO, first time in AMSTERDAM

  • Visit Anne Frank House. She was a Jewish young girl who was a victim of the Holocaust during World War II, and known for her famous diary she wrote while she was hiding in this house. It was such a moving experience to listen to her story, it was hard to hold back tears. I left the house feeling so grateful for the life we have right now and for all the freedom we have. 
  • Visit Rijksmuseum, it’s a Dutch national museum located in the Museum Square.You can also find Van Gogh Museum, Banksy Museum and  I Amsterdam Sign (picture spot lol) in this Museum Square.
  • Rent a bike to explore the city. 
  • Visit the Dam Square
  • Take a canal boat cruise
  • Go to the Amsterdam Ice Bar, literally a bar made out of ice, they will give you winter coat and glove before you go in. 
  • Eat stroopwaffle and Dutch Pancake
  • Eat some Indonesian food 😀 
  • Sit on one of the bench or just sit along the canal and enjoy how beautiful Amsterdam is.
  • Visit the red light district, it is a part of the city where you can find many prostitution and sex businesses such as sex shops, strip clubs, and adult theaters. It was an interesting experience to stroll around this red light district. Don’t worry the streets are busy with tourists, it is a normal thing to visit that area, you don’t have to feel embarassed 😀
  • Visit Amsterdam Coffeeshop if you want some legal marijuana 😉
  • Take the Amsterdam Heineken Experience tour. Eventhough i wasn’t a beer lover, i was still very entertained, the tour was very informative and fun. 


From Amsterdam we flew to Rome because we needed to save time and the flight was only 2 hours. By train it will take around 14 – 18 hours, if you have alot of time and want to enjoy the view from the train ride, i think it’s a good idea 😉

3 days in Rome was pretty tiring for us, it was maybe beacause we were running out of energy from Paris and Amsterdam. Unlike Amsterdam, Rome is a way bigger city and way hotter, we walked alot (so wear a comfortable shoes) and we drank water alot those days lol. But it was worth it! And again, we tried our best to make the most out of our days! 

MUST DO, first time in ROME

  • Visit Colosseum. Prepare for a long line to get the tickets, this place is flooded with tourists! If you can, try to buy fast track tickets ahead of time, skip the line tickets, guided tour tickets, even VIP experience tickets, depends on how much extra money you are willing to spend 🙂
  • Visit Trevi Fountain. Don’t forget to bring coins so you can make a wish 🙂 Try to go early in the morning when there’s not many people, this place gets very crowded !
  • Visit Piazza Navona, It’s a beautiful square with many street artists, live italian music, bars and italian restaurants ( we had the best seafood risotto from one of those restaurant!), and of course elegant fountains. You would want to slow dance with someone while you were there 😉
  • Visit The roman Forum. 
  • Visit The Pantheon. It’s free entrance, yay!
  • Visit Vatican City (Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica) Apparently Vatican City is a country, a smallest country in the world! And same as Colosseum, prepare for a long line!
  • Try as much food as you can! 😀 Tiramisu, gelato, pizza, pasta, risotto, everything!

Well, those were our 9 days in Europe, 3 countries, 3 days each country. I think we did pretty good as a first timer. We are so happy to be able to visit all those places in a short amount of time, it was a good introduction to Europe 🙂  We really hope we could go back to Europe and visit more countries! 🙂


This place is definitely one of my favorite spot in San Francisco.  Especially on a sunny and warm day like this. It’s just so beautiful, i could stay here for hours staring at this amazing view, daydreaming and smile 🙂

Lyon Street Steps

If you take these stairs down and stay on Lyon streets, you will get to Palace of Fine Arts and Presidio Park in about 15 minutes walk. And continue to the Golden Gate Bridge if you want 😉

A lot of locals also jog here ( i should too lol ) or you can hike to the Presidio Forest, west of The Lyon Street Steps. 

Unlike the other spots in San Francisco that are very crowded by tourist, this place is still considered a hidden gem! Not many people know about this spot. So when you’re there, you really feel very peaceful , and you can take your time to take as many pictures and selfies as you like! 😀

Amazing View

The houses around this area are so incredibly nice, so fab…! it is because people that live here are very wealthy. They call row of houses on this Lyon street, The Billionaires Row! Do you see the one picture above, that’s one of them, what a beautiful rooftop with an amazing view! 

And that’s me daydreaming about living in one of The Billionaires Row! LOL

Outfit Details :

It was a nice 69° F in San Francisco, a dream weather! Well i wish for a little warmer than that actually. But that’s okay i was still able to walk around comfortably with no jacket 🙂 

Here’s my outfit details :

~ Black crop top : ZARA https://www.zara.com/us

~ Jeans : American Eagle https://www.ae.com/

~ Shoes : Adidas Nizza https://www.adidas.com/us

~ Backpack : Nordstorm Rack https://www.nordstromrack.com/

~ And don’t forget, A SMILE!